Alternative Cage Covers in ChesterAlternative cage covers in Chester is an idea whose time is overdue.That’s why we manufacture and promote the use of environmentally friendly, reusable PVC roll cage covers. They safely and securely replace all that plastic wrap used to protect products in any environment, including food distribution centres, schools and even hospitals. Our covers are made to order in various material weights to suit the distribution or storage environment and the type of goods. Our bespoke covers are long lasting, water resistant and easily wiped clean. They fit tight to protect the goods, remove easily and save money over the use of plastic shrink-wrap. Our covers have a long service life but at the end, there are some specialised programs to separate out and recycle PVC so it can be used to make panelling, flooring and more.

When covered cages of products are being transported or stored in shrink-wrap, the product is not completely secure. It’s easily penetrable but in Chester, alternative cage covers of PVC are tear proof and lock down so the opportunity for theft is significantly decreased. This too, is a money saver for companies since millions are lost every year to product loss. Our PVC covers zip on and off easily but they have security seals to protect them in transit. That combined with the weight of the covers makes them almost theft proof. We feel certain that our bespoke PVC covers will pay for themselves over time in savings on single use plastic and loss prevention. Your products are also better protected from the elements when sealed within our PVC cage covers.

Alternative cage covers in Chester, custom made from PVC can double as advertising. Because there is no such thing as too much name recognition, why not use the opportunity of bespoke PVC cage covers to further promote your company name and logo. We can design your cage covers in the colours of your choice and use your name and company logo on the exterior. Your cages will not get mixed up with any other shipping containers or misplaced. Identification of products is easily found in the clear pocket secured to each cover. Contact us for custom PVC cage covers and we will give you a quote over the phone. We need to stop adding to the plastic waste with alternative solutions.