Alternative Cage Covers in LeedsFor top quality alternative cage covers in Leeds, get in touch with the specialists.

At C & L Covers, we provide a range of products that can be used with a variety of roll cages. We have the experience to manufacture PVC covers for all your requirements, no matter what industry you’re in. Our team of highly trained, experienced technicians can custom design covers according to your specific requirements. These covers can be used to protect goods from rain, sunlight and snow that might otherwise damage them. Our sturdy protective covers prevent theft and meddling by miscreants during transit and storage. Using our specialised covers helps to reduce time and labour costs, along with avoiding wastage. Shrink-wrap has been banned in several industries and by many local governments, so we help our clients stay in compliance with regulations. Our covers can be used and re-used multiple times, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Roll cages are used by the food and beverage industry, institutional laundry services in hospitals, the hotel and restaurant industry, nursing homes and educational institutions. In Leeds, alternative cage covers can be used for a variety of roll cage transportation needs to ensure that the contents are delivered safely. The covers keep the contents dust and airborne contaminant free. You can have your own logo printed on the covers to provide an extra bit of brand boosting. When you opt for these products, you provide a more neat and organised look to your roll cages too. The cover allows the cage to remain safely loaded for longer periods during transportation. Our covers have reinforced corners to prevent tears and splits.

All our alternative cage covers in Leeds are made from the best quality PVC that is machine-washable, re-usable, vinyl-coated and waterproof. Covers may also be available in antibacterial, anti-odour, mildew and flame resistant materials if you need them. For more details about our alternative cage covers, contact us today. You can also choose covers with zippers that run all the way round or with a hook-up type/Velcro fastening. Other cover types are suitable for transporting glassware and are available in clear, transparent material that prevents the entry of dust and debris.