Alternative Cage Covers in LiverpoolC&L Covers manufactures alternative cage covers in Liverpool. Whereas, once rolled plastic was the disposable alternative to permanent covers, it is clearly not working out well. Although it is sometimes recyclable, a great deal goes into the landfills. Our government has a plan to ban plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds. That’s a spit in the wind compared to the estimated five million tonnes of plastic used every year in the UK. Such directives are absolutely helpful. Every little bit helps. Our reusable PVC cage covers are an economical, environmentally safe, convenient and aesthetic alternative to plastic cage wrap. If you have cages lined up anywhere on your premises, the products are better protected with our PVC cage covers.

Theft is a workplace hazard that needs a lasting solution. In Liverpool, alternative cage covers offer greater security because they fit over everything. They can also be locked. If you use rolled plastic, it’s fairly easy to separate the bands or clip a bit and reach a hand in. It wouldn’t disturb the rest of the products and may not be noticed even with CCTV in the room. Our covers are custom fitted and designed to your preferences and needs. They are durable and easily cleaned for reuse. Whatever is stored on the racks is safe from dirt and damp. What’s inside is easily determined without opening the cover. There is a PVC clear pocket on the outside for descriptive paperwork. We can also make your covers from clear PVC materials.

If you want your alternative cage covers in Liverpool to match your company colours and logo, we can do that. There will be no doubt to whom they belong. Wherever you use rolling cages, on the floor of your workplace or in a storage area, the appearance will be tidy and organised looking. Like it or not, we are judged by appearances. Secure, well organised, even colour coordinated rolling cages do not look like clutter. Call us at C&L Covers for a price quote on alternative cage covers for your workplace. At the end of your vinyl cage covers life, it can be recycled by a dedicated source. We can make a custom fit cover for anything you need to protect.