Alternative Cage Covers in Manchester At C&L Covers, we would like you to consider alternative cage covers in Manchester for your roll cages. These cages are used in so many sectors including manufacturing, shipping, the food industry, institutional laundry services, hospitals, schools and many more. The cover type usually used when a company wants to protect the products on the cage shelving is plastic wrap. Your accountant can tell you how many miles of this plastic wrap your company uses every year. It’s cumbersome to securely cover a cage with plastic wrap and sometimes frustrating to try and uncover it. Let’s just say the companies in the UK use a million miles of plastic wrap every year. Do you know where it all ends up? Landfills or even worse, oceans.

Your plastic wrap probably ends up at the North Atlantic garbage patch, which is hundreds of kilometres across and can be seen from space. For all those businesses in Manchester, alternative cage covers are part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem. Aesthetically speaking, our reusable PVC custom fit covers do not create the eyesore that a plastic wrapped cage does. The covers are available in colours and you can choose your own logo to display on the exterior. Your covered cages will look uniformly tidy, have a clear pocket so you know what’s there and they last for years. Since they’re customised, you can colour code them for departments, number them for the floors on which they belong or devise your own system for organisation.

You naturally want alternative cage covers in Manchester to protect your goods and products as well or better than plastic wrap. Our PVC covers are available in different weights so you can choose the best protection. They close tightly and securely so everything inside is protected and secure. Linens stay clean, catering equipment is protected, food service storage is secure and the entire storage area looks organised. Contact C&L Covers for alternative cage covers, equipment covers, machinery covers and more. We can custom fit a cover for just about anything you want to protect for both inside and outside storage.