As well as taxi screens our latest offering in the battle against Covid is the C&L Car Sanitising Kit to help improve safety for both driver and passenger.

Chances are you may have seen the larger versions of these on the news which are now commonly used in warehouse or office type settings but this is a smaller version which is ideal for use in cars or small offices.

After each journey simply use the mini humidifier with the liquid and power bank supplied in the kit for a few minutes in the back of the vehicle. The mini humidifier is small enough to fit into a cup holder when not in use and am sure will offer customers that extra piece of mind when travelling.

We are based in Wallasey and kits can be purchased/collected from our warehouse or ordered when purchasing a taxi screen.

The kit includes a mini humidifier, 1000ml ready to use (HOCL) liquid and a Power bank 2200 mAh and the cost is £35 per kit.

Stay safe 🙂

We’ve got you covered!