taxi visors in LondonTop quality taxi visors in London are manufactured by C & L Covers. Our company creates custom covers from PVC in various weights to protect equipment such as machinery, forklifts, roll cages and so much more. Each cover is designed to fit and can be customised with your preference of colour, logo or other designation. We are always adding to our product line and taxi visors are a product that is much appreciated by taxi drivers and passengers. The visor is made from clear PVC and fits just behind the front seats, separating the front from the back. We create a header shaped like a visor to fit perfectly across the headliner of the car and discreetly secure it top and sides.

Dropping from the headliner visor is a clear fitted curtain of PVC which creates a barrier between the front and back seat. For our customers in London, taxi visors with the clear curtain portion are finished with a black border across the bottom. We fit the bottom discreetly to the front seats for a secure and neat appearing fit. We can make this product to fit any make or model of car. Once fitted, it’s easy to remove or install whenever you choose. We even include an opening in the bottom curtain portion between which payment can be passed through. Again, the visor is easily removed but when in place looks very nice because of the perfect fit.

There are multiple reasons for taxi drivers to install taxi visors in London manufactured by C & L Covers. Even though it’s clear, both passenger and driver experience a bit more privacy. The driver will feel protected from contagious diseases that threaten from contact with so many different people. Of course, if the driver is experiencing allergic or cold symptoms, the barrier will protect the passengers. The taxi visor will protect the back of the front seats for dirt, scuffs, spills, and that dreaded vomit, sneezes and coughs. If you want to put up a transparent barrier between you as a taxi driver and your passengers, contact C & L Covers. Our taxi visors are durable and long lasting. They are also easily cleaned and sanitised.