Cyclowtex – A sustainable alternative to PVC

We can now manufacture products in Cyclowtex material, a greener alternative to PVC!

If you are looking for a more eco friendly option to PVC? We’ve got you covered using the latest materials available such as Cyclotex from Lows of Dundee


Cyclowtex - A sustainable alternative to PVC


CYCLOWTEX is a new product  that has less of an environmental impact than PVC. 

The material is an Olefin based product which does not derive from chlorine.  It does not require the addition of chemicals like plasticisers to make it flexible, reducing the environmental impact in comparison.

A fully recyclable product, so a real “end of life solution” can be offered, be this for your off-cuts from your production, or the product you have supplied to your customer.

As a new product the colour range is currently limited to 4 colours (Grey, Black, White and Green).

We’ve got you covered!