Forklift Covers in BirminghamForklift covers in Birmingham are one of the many types of PVC covers we manufacture. Our forklift covers are made of heavy-duty PVC which helps to protect the vehicle when not in use. Dust and dirt, as well as metal particles, can damage the hydraulic controls and by covering the forklift much of the airborne debris can be kept off the vehicle. It will also stop any scratches and scrapes from other equipment from damaging the paintwork. This will prevent corrosion from rust lowering the value of your expensive forklift. The cover has a welded-on sleeve for documents which allows you to identify the forklift you require at a quick glance. It also enables the forklift to be parked outside to leave space in the factory or workshop for other equipment and workers.

We manufacture a wide range of covers for many different objects. In Birmingham, forklift covers are just one of our extensive range of products. We also make roll cage covers and roll cage doors. The PVC doors are designed to secure goods in transit by reducing damage to goods in many environments including food distribution, hospitals and schools. It allows for easy access to the transported goods as the doors can be quickly and cleanly opened and closed at will. Our PVC covers can be wiped clean or washed when they become dusty. We also make generator covers, bottle cooler covers, pump truck bags and laundry covers as well as saltwater protection covers.

If you need durable forklift covers in Birmingham to protect your company assets, contact C & L Covers today. We can make any type of cover from light or heavyweight PVC to suit your requirements. All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our trailer covers are designed to protect goods in transit from the elements as well as keeping them hidden and secure to prevent theft and damage. The waste bags can be made in many sizes and are waterproof and cost-effective. They can be reused over and over again and last far longer than lightweight plastic waste bags.