Forklift Covers in BirminghamProtect your investment with top-quality forklift covers in Birmingham from C&L Covers. We can design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of bespoke PVC covers. These are sturdy products suitable for covering trolleys, machinery, trailers and generators for warehouses and distribution points. We also supply premium quality products for laundry transportation to and from hospitals, care homes, and hotels. We have been established in this sector for a long time and have earned the reputation for excellent quality, sensible pricing and a customer-focused approach. No matter how big or small your requirement we are glad to help you with it.

For companies in Birmingham, forklift covers are a handy and convenient way to ensure that your vehicle stays protected in all kinds of weather. Though most clients assume that covers are meant to prevent rain or moisture from entering, the effects of sun and wind can be equally destructive. You can protect your forklift truck if you need to park it outdoors from dust, pollen and bird-droppings. Tree sap is another annoying factor if you park outdoors. It’s important to have a cover if you have wild animals or rodents in the area, as they may decide to camp inside the warm and safe interiors of your vehicle. Harsh sunlight and excessive exposure to UV rays can fade leather and paintwork.

Our forklift covers in Birmingham can protect your vehicle from opportunistic theft, because they pose a deterrent to quick getaways. A cover can also prevent damage caused by open car doors and garage clutter. Snow and rain water are much easier to remove off a PVC cover. To find out more about our hardy forklift covers, or to request a quote, contact C&L Covers. Today, one of the factors that causes greatest concern is industrial fall-out. If you’re located in an area where there are heavy industries, railheads or airports, you could expose your forklift to acid rain, industrial debris, jet fuel particulate matter, as well as rail dust from nearby railway stations which can get deposited on the paintwork and gradually damage it through rust.