Forklift Covers in ChesterC & L Covers suggests our forklift covers in Chester to protect your machinery when not in use. It’s an extra step or two to cover and uncover the machine for use but we think you’ll agree that expensive equipment requires protective care. Your forklifts are a substantial investment and you want them to last as long as possible. Your whole operation looks more credible when your machinery is clean and well maintained. Equipment not in use that is covered for storage says to visitors that you are conscientious. It’s likely that if you own a boat or classic car you keep it covered when not in use. That’s good; we make covers for them too. However, your boat and classic car isn’t making money for you every day like your forklifts.

Our forklift covers are made from durable, weather resistant materials with carefully stitched and sealed seams. In Chester, forklift covers we manufacture for heavy duty protection will fit equipment up to 3.5 tonnes. They fit all makes and models too. We can custom design and manufacture forklift covers to coordinate with your company colours and add your logo. That can help you in a couple of ways. Your custom covers on stored equipment adds to the clean look and company pride you want to project for your company. In addition, it has your name and logo all over it so it’s less likely to be stolen for someone else’s use. Sometimes things just disappear by accident or neglect. At least you stand a chance of getting it back.

Forklift covers in Chester keep the dirt and grime from building up on forklifts stored inside. You don’t want gunk building up on the moving parts. Forklifts stored outside take a beating from the elements if they’re not covered. Moving parts can rust, seats will split and plastic parts might crack. Protect your investment with forklift covers when not in use, even if it’s just overnight. Contact C & L Covers or come by so we can discuss your particular needs. We make covers for all your equipment; ready to go out the door or customised to suit. You will see when you visit us the quality and durability we put into our products. Count on years of service.