Forklift Covers in LeedsYou need forklift covers in Leeds because machinery of any kind should be protected from the elements. At C & L Covers, we have the solution, regardless of the size of your forklift. We make heavy-duty covers for all makes and models, and we make bespoke designs and colours on request at competitive prices. Your equipment is an asset and sensible people protect their money and that which helps them make money. When your warehouse starts getting crowded, the first thing that gets moved outside for storage is machinery, like your forklift. It is waterproof, right? Not really. If you leave it sitting outside long enough the combination of oxygen and moisture will turn the metal into rust and an eyesore outside your building.

Assets have value, which means you pay money for them, but they also make money for you by doing the job for which they are designed. For owners in Leeds, forklift covers protect that asset from damage and they also promote name recognition for your company or brand. Custom covers on your forklifts lined up inside or out with your company colour and logo make a nice impression. It sends a message that your company is proud of who you are and you are organised and professional. Employees can be rough on equipment but they are likely to show about as much respect for your equipment as you do. Let them know that covering the machine when not in use is mandatory and that may translate into overall care.

If you have a fleet for which you need forklift covers in Leeds, our covers can help keep track of them. Each cover has a protected sleeve for storing documents related to that specific forklift. All the information stays with the machine which is helpful. If you are transporting the forklift for off-site work or repairs, a custom fitted cover will protect it while in transit and all documentation that might be needed travels with it. Contact C & L Covers for forklift covers made to your preferences and your forklifts specifications. Our PVC forklift covers are durable so expect to get years of protective use from them. We can design and manufacture covers to fit machinery, boxes, pallets, rolling cages and more.