Forklift Covers in LeekInvesting in forklift covers in Leek will provide your business with a number of benefits. It is likely that you have allocated a large amount of funding to the purchase of the forklifts for your business. It makes perfect sense then to protect the forklifts to ensure a good return on your money. With forklift covers, you can do that. A forklift cover is specially made to cover and protect a forklift when not in use. Many tools and machinery are housed outdoors when not in use. Even those stored in a garage or warehouse when not in use need some form of protection.

For businesses in Leek, forklift covers are available when you speak to C & L Covers. We specialise in designing, creating and supplying bespoke quality forklift covers to meet the needs of our customers. Our forklift covers are made from durable and strong PVC. Each cover that we make is designed to fit forklifts of all makes and models up to 3.5 tonnes. For a bespoke cover, speak to us and we will be happy to create a cover to your measurements. The covers we currently manufacture are available with a welded on sleeve for documents and truck details. This makes it easy to identify the forklift. We are also able to include your company’s branding on the forklift cover, creating a truly unique and bespoke forklift cover for your business. Your expensive machinery will be protected, while displaying subtle advertising.

Forklift covers in Leek are a worthwhile investment. For more information about how we can assist you with a bespoke forklift cover, or to request a quote, contact C & L Covers today. Not only will our forklift covers protect your machinery from exposure to the elements while they are parked outside, but will also protect your trucks from scratches and damage during transportation.  Other than our premium quality forklift covers, we create bespoke covers for generators, roll cages, other types of machinery, pump trucks, tackle tubes, bottle coolers and laundry covers. We also design covers that provide protection from saltwater.