Forklift Covers in LiverpoolHave you ordered your forklift covers in Liverpool yet?

At C & L Covers, our forklift covers are a small investment that pays off big by protecting your equipment and your employees. We manufacture covers for equipment in all industries including medical, construction, warehousing and more. Plus, we’ll make a bespoke cover to fit whatever you need. Our products are constructed for strength, durability and ease of use. Our forklift covers will fit most any brand of forklift up to 3.5 tonnes. Our covers are not dust covers. They are protective covers that shield your equipment from the elements when stored outside or during transport. If the machine is not in use store it covered with one of our covers.

Your employees, transporting goods on an outside dock, will appreciate the protection from the elements with a C & L cover. In Liverpool, forklift covers used to keep the operator dry and healthy can cut down on sickness and missed work days. It puts them in a better mood as well. You have an investment in machinery and operators, our covers help protect both against loss. If your machinery is outside the range of our standard covers we will ask for measurements and quote you a price for a custom fit. Standard or custom, our covers include a protective sleeve which will safely hold information and paperwork pertinent to that specific machine. It’s a good system to use for keeping necessary information readily available.

Forklift covers in Liverpool manufactured by C & L Covers are easy to order and come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. We are known for our quality workmanship and reliability in fulfilling orders on time. Most forklift owners take great care to schedule regular maintenance so all forklift mechanisms are protected and operating at top performance. That’s how it should be but don’t stop there. Keep your forklift free of damage when not in use. Contact C & L Covers and we’ll be able to quote you prices over the phone. We think you’ll find our prices fair and competitive. Order one or order for your whole fleet. You can depend on us to get the job done and on time.