Forklift Covers in ManchesterForklift covers in Manchester can protect your forklifts from the elements. At C & L Covers, our forklift covers are so much more than dust covers. They are heavy duty protective covers to protect your forklifts during storage or transportation. Our standard covers fit almost all common forklift makes and models up to 3.5 tonnes. If your forklift has different dimensions not covered by our standard covers, we will be happy to arrange a custom fit. Our bespoke cover design and manufacture service will ensure that you get the perfect fit for your forklift covers. All our covers come with a welded sleeve that make it easy to display documents and vehicle details that helps identify the forklift when covered.

How protected are your forklifts when they are not in use? In Manchester, forklift covers can significantly extent your forklifts’ durability by protecting them from the elements. Forklifts can be bulky machines and you may not always be able to store them indoors. This makes them susceptible to rust and other damage caused by outdoors weather. Forklifts are also usually transported on flatbed trucks, which also exposes them to the elements. Good quality covers can go a long way in protecting your forklifts, and therefore your business. Forklifts are a valuable asset for your business, and such an important investment should be protected. C & L Covers promises excellent quality forklift covers that will add value to your machinery and operations.

We supply the best quality forklift covers in Manchester and around the country. As a UKAS registered company for ISO 9001:2015, we can guarantee quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Our covers are designed and manufactured for a range of equipment in all industries, from construction and warehousing to medical and marine. We can also create any custom unique covers that you may require. Contact C & L Covers for forklift covers that are made for strength, durability and easy use. We will gladly provide you with an initial quote when you phone. You can order just one cover or enough for your entire fleet. Make sure your forklifts are protected with our quality covers, and enjoy the benefits of keeping your machinery in good condition while freeing up space in the warehouse or storeroom.