Forklift Covers in NewcastleYou have likely spent a great deal of money on your machinery and forklift covers in Newcastle will help to keep the equipment clean and dry in all kinds of weather. Leaving machinery out in the weather or even under cover will result in their being covered with dust and dirt and will degrade the machine and lower its resale value as well as its working life. A specially designed forklift cover allows you to safely store the vehicle when not in use. If your machine is used in different places the cover will protect the machine from damage during transportation. The forklift covers are manufactured from heavy duty PVC and will safely cover a forklift up to 3.5 tonnes. We are able to design and manufacture PVC covers for any size of vehicle or machine that may require protection.

We are specialists in many different types of covers for many varied purposes. In Newcastle, forklift covers are just one of our lines. We also design and manufacture other PVC covers that can be used in the food and beverage industry to protect the contents of a roll cage filled with meals. This is particularly necessary in schools and hospitals where cleanliness is important.  Meals may have to be wheeled through various environments before they reach the distribution point. Our PVC covers are made for life and help to stop plastic waste. Our range is vast and includes many diverse products such as generator covers, bottle cooler covers, laundry covers, waste bags and many more. We can fit Velcro or zips to secure some covers while others need no fastening features.

We manufacture and supply high quality, reasonably priced forklift covers in Wirral. Contact C & L Covers today and tell us what you need. All our products are manufactured in the UK and we are always looking to expand our range of products. If you have an item that needs to be covered for storage purposes or just for transport convenience we can design a cover to suit. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 which ensures our customers are getting a well-made item that is up to the expected quality specifications.