Forklift Covers in SheffieldIf you are in the warehouse and distribution industry, then you know the importance of investing in durable forklift covers in Sheffield. A durable forklift cover needs to be made from strong heavy-duty material which can withstand harsh weather conditions, especially if you need to park your forklift outside. Many forklifts and warehouse machinery get damaged during their downtime because they have not been protected from the elements. A forklift that is used every day is usually stored in the warehouse where it can be accessed easily. However, machines that are awaiting repairs or replacement of parts often find their way to the back of the warehouse. Sometimes they are stored outside where the rain, winds or snow can wear them down.

Forklifts come in several different shapes and sizes and you may not find a cover that fits your machine exactly. In Sheffield, forklift covers need to fit the truck perfectly in order to offer all-around protection. Our company specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of forklift covers as well as roll cage covers, generator covers, trailer covers, tackle tubes and pump truck bags among others. Our team of professionals would need to come down and collect the measurements of your forklift truck in order to design a unique cover for it. We use heavy duty, weatherproof materials to ensure the robust protection of the truck in any warehouse environment. Once covered, you can store your forklift outside in any weather. This will create more space for you to work in the warehouse.

Our company has been making bespoke forklift covers in Sheffield for years and our list of happy clients can attest to our quality. We work in adherence to the highest industry standards and have UKAS ISO certification for our craft. All our products are built to order and manufactured in the UK ensuring our clients of timely deliveries and high-quality workmanship. Contact C & L Covers now to set up an appointment with our designers. Our staff is well-trained in customer care and enjoys meeting new clients. You can meet our design team and guide them on