Forklift Covers in StokeYour whole fleet needs forklift covers in Stoke to protect your considerable investment from the elements. It’s equipment so you can leave it outside just like you can leave your car and boat outside and uncovered. Common sense tells you if the car is garaged, especially is severe weather and the boat is covered, especially while sitting in the dock all summer, they will maintain their protective paint, resist rust and last longer. The small parts that make up the whole are slowly being worn down when the machine is left exposed. Eventually, that will interfere with performance and appearance. The result is your equipment budget will not stretch as far and the equipment itself loses value.

Our heavy-duty forklift covers protect the cab and frame of all forklift brands up to 3.5 tonnes. For some in Stoke, forklift covers can be custom made to fit if your forklift is outside the norm. We can also make seat covers and fork protectors to size. All of these covers will protect your forklifts while sitting outside, while in storage and while being transported. If your jobs require you to transport your forklift frequently, then you definitely need to protect it with our sturdy covers. The most damaging thing for forklift seats after weather elements is the constant wear caused by the friction of denim pants against the leather or vinyl seat. Our seat covers will protect against that wear.

Forklift covers in Stoke help protect your investment and lower replacement costs but they also add a professional look. When customers see your equipment protected by well-fitting covers in your logo colours and even with your logo on them it creates a favourable impression. A well-organised work environment raises your customers’ trust level in your capabilities. It also lets your employees know you expect your equipment to be handled with care. Contact C & L Covers and tell us your equipment brand, quantity and any customisation you want such as special colour combinations and logo printing. We can provide you with a free estimate right away. We’re always available to answer questions and make recommendations.