Hospital Cage Covers in LiverpoolHospital cage covers in Liverpool, custom made by C & L Covers serve many purposes. All of those purposes include the option to sanitise the covers repeatedly. We use PVC which is an environmental friendly material that can easily be cleaned and sanitised for the safety and protection of all goods needing storage and transport in hospitals. Unlimited use and ease of placement make our cage covers a more attractive and economical choice over shrink-wrap. They are custom made for a perfect fit; so easy on and easy off. They can also be secured so nothing disappears from the cage. Hospital supplies are kept clean and safe while being stocked. Since the covers are custom made, you can choose to have the hospital logo imprinted on the cover and even the department supplies are intended for.

Since our cage covers are infinitely reusable and easy to use, moving stock to and from will be far easier. In Liverpool, hospital cage covers are often associated with meal delivery to patients. That whole process can take some time on each floor and section. We manufacture a hospital roll cage thermal cover. It’s primary use is for chilled products. The temperature within the cover does not change, regardless of exterior temperature. These thermal covers are resistant to rips and tears and very easy and lightweight to work with. They are also water resistant. Our secure heavy-duty covers are the ultimate protection against theft. The roll cage is completely covered to prevent access and we install a mechanism to prevent use of the zipper by unauthorised personnel.

Hospital cage covers in Liverpool allow your hospital to get rid of expensive and unsightly disposable shrink-wrap. Our covers have clear cardholders so identifying the contents is quick and easy. Our covers lend continuity and order to any areas where hospital cage covers are used. They are far more professional looking. Most hospital budgets are tight so using disposable shrink-wrap is not financially smart. Contact C & L Covers or better yet pay us a visit and talk with us. We want you to see how attractive our hospital cage covers are and feel the durability of the material we use.