Environmentally Friendly Roll Cage CoversLook to C & L Covers for environmentally friendly roll cage covers. Maybe you have never thought about the environment in the same context with your roll cages. However, if your company uses shrink-wrap to secure items on roll cages for storage and transport, you may be harming the environment. Shrink-wrap is plastic and disposable; a one use product. Some shrink wrap products bill themselves as biodegradable. The thing is, plastic products never break down 100% because it’s not organic matter. The biodegrading process of shrink-wrap transforms the material into toxic particles that find their way into our food chain. Plus, since the shrink-wrap breaks down, it can’t even be recycled into new plastic products.

C & L roll cage covers made from light and heavy pvc materials are made to last and can be reused indefinitely.  What makes our roll cage covers environmentally friendly compared to shrink-wrap is the ability to recycle it as much as 8 times for reuse. The other benefit is the covers themselves are reusable so users are not replacing them frequently.  Our roll cage covers also save you money because they are not being replaced with every use. Products transported on roll cages are well protected from dirt, germs and pilfering fingers. With strong Velcro closures, materials are protected but also easily accessible and easy to re-secure.  We can include a clear exterior pocket to hold documentation of roll cage contents.

Our environmentally friendly roll cage covers are custom made at  C & L Covers. Choose the size and pvc weight you require then choose your colour and even your logo if you want to. The appearance of your roll cages will be much more attractive with a neat fitted cover as opposed to plastic swaddling. Contact C & L Covers for more information about our durable custom roll cage covers for any industry whether warehouse, automotive, food distribution, schools, hospitals and more. They add a nice professional look to your work environment while promoting your name and logo. We can even add a floor number or department to the cover so each roll cage stays in the intended area.