Laundry liners for roll cage covers in Devon are essential to help maintain sanitary conditions in healthcare facilities.

Hotels and resorts generate a huge amount of laundry, particularly towels and bedding.  As extra protection for roll cage covers, laundry liners are made for a more secure and attractive fit. It’s a much more attractive way to transport dirty laundry through corridors than an overflowing laundry cart. Guests see a cover with your facility’s colours and logo proudly displayed. The liner will help keep laundry in place. Using a roll cage to store clean laundry and using a laundry liner and cover to protect it makes daily room service efficient for your staff. It’s also a good way to maintain an accounting of your inventory.

Laundry Liners are just one of our many products we can provide at C & L Covers.  We serve all industries with custom covers please feel free to Contact us and we will happily provide you with a free quote. The liners and covers are durable providing long service and very easy to maintain. They are easily cleaned and disinfected by wiping down. Ask us about our other products, our covers will protect your equipment against dirt, debris and for outdoor equipment, against the elements.

Laundry Liner





Looking for a more eco friendly option?  We are always looking to offer the best solutions to our customers and are happy to announce we are able to source a sustainable alternative to PVC – Rivercyclon This is a an impressive material which is 40% lighter than PVC whilst offering high impact strength and great tear strength.  To find out more please click the Rivercyclon logo.

All products are made to order right here in the UK, our premises are based in Wallasey and we have over 20 years experience.  We can design and manufacture PVC covers for just about anything.  Thinking about giving us a try please use the form below with your requirements and we will be happy to help.