Supermarket Cage Covers in LeedsSupermarket cage covers in Leeds, custom designed and manufactured by C & L Covers can transform your stock room. Goods need to be readily available to replenish your retail shelves throughout the day. The stock must be easily located, easily transported and protected from damage and contamination throughout it’s stay on your rolling cages.  Our supermarket cage covers make that whole process possible without using aggravating disposable plastic or worse yet, nothing at all. Use our custom-made vinyl covers in your choice of colour, and include with your logo and store name on them. They fit easily over loaded or empty cages and close up tightly with easy open access. Use different colours for each department and utilise the clear pocket label on the outside of the cover.

This system will speed up your unpacking to the rolling cages. In Leeds, supermarket cage covers will then protect your product and make it easily found. It stays protected until you remove the cover and restock the retail shelf. The empty cage and cover goes back to its designated location in the produce, dairy or deli section of your stock room. Our custom covers are cost effective too because they are reusable. Their durability ensures you can use them for a long time. They won’t crowd a landfill someday like disposable covers. Our materials are all safe and non-toxic for use around food. We think your employees will appreciate the end of chaos and guesswork in their work environment.

Supermarket cage covers in Leeds is one of many products we can design and personalise to your satisfaction and specialisation. How about your forklifts? We make fitted covers to protect them from dirt and if stored outside, the elements. Contact C&L Covers for more details. Perhaps you have special equipment for which you would like to have a custom cover. We can design and manufacture it to meet your requirements. Any equipment that is within view throughout your supermarket is a potential marketing opportunity rolled up in a protective cover. Let us put your name and logo on your supermarket cage covers. Every time one of your customers catches a glance of a cover, your name recognition is further enhanced. The covers are attractive so they’ll appreciate your dedication to a professional presentation.