hospital cage covers in Birmingham in WirralHospital cage covers in Birmingham are often made of disposable plastic wrapping. It’s tedious, leaves gaps, and cannot be reused. At C & L Covers, we make custom hospital cage covers from PVC materials that are infinitely reusable. They are also easily sanitised between uses. Rolling cages are essential tools in hospitals. There are often many wings and many floors. Each unit has rolling cages to store linens, medical supplies, durable medical equipment and more. The supplies need to be easily accessible and on a rolling cage, they are. However, it’s important that no one other than staff can access them and that they are well covered between uses. Our covers are made for a perfect fit and secure closure.

If you choose clear PVC material, you can see the contents at a glance. In Birmingham, hospital cage covers can be solid colour if preferred. We then secure a clear pocket on the outside for posting the cage contents. We can custom make your hospital cage covers in any colour or size and we can print any wording or logo on the covers. That’s a very helpful way of making sure equipment is returned to its main location. Our covers come in different weights and thicknesses but all are durable and long lasting. They are cost effective because they are reusable and they fit the cage around the bottom which prevents unzipping the cover. This deters theft of goods stored on the cage.

We manufacture thermal hospital cage covers in Birmingham. These covers are lightweight and used for maintaining chilled foods or materials. No electricity needed. Contact C&L Covers for a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap for hospital cage covers in Birmingham. We’ll give you a price quote for your hospital cage covers based on your custom preferences.  Millions of pounds of plastic waste finds its way to our oceans and into our landfills each year. Recycled PVC can be used in new products such as flooring and panelling. Make the switch to reusable roll cage covers to save money, time and the environment.