PVC pet beds in ManchesterGive your furry friends a touch of luxury with our top-quality PVC pet beds in Manchester. At C&L Covers we know exactly how important it is to ensure that your pet has a clean, sturdy, comfortable resting place. Dogs and cats love to have a designated sleeping space or spot to relax in. These elevated beds made from strong and durable materials are very popular with pet owners, kennels, catteries, animal shelters and vets too. Trainers, pet stores, groomers and breeders can also use these products. Traditionally, pet owners provided baskets with cushions or pillows with a blanket for their pets. However, keeping them hygienic and dry can be an issue. Cotton fabrics can become a breeding place for parasites and if your dogs or cats have the habit of storing bits of food under their pillows, you can be sure that it will attract bacteria and fungi. Apart from this, conventional pet beds tend to smell bad and get dirty very quickly. They need constant and rigorous maintenance.

For pet owners in Manchester, PVC pet beds are made of materials that are tough and easy to clean. They’re also relatively chew-proof and comfortable for older dogs who suffer from joint pains. The PVC fabric used is flexible and soft, yet strong enough to support the weight of dogs of all sizes. For cats, this fabric is a great option because it isn’t easy to rip by biting or clawing. These are sturdy enough for daily use and we offer a choice of colours and sizes. You can hose them down every day if necessary and they will dry out almost instantly. A wipe with a soft cloth will complete the cleaning process. If you need a deeper level of cleaning, these beds are also bleach-friendly and can be washed out thoroughly to get rid of hidden germs and foul odours.

Our talented design team can create bespoke products including PVC pet beds in Manchester suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us for more information about our PVC pet beds. We are proud of being a local business that offers a diverse range of products tailored to suit our customers’ unique needs, preferences and budget.