PVC Pet Beds in PrestonOur specially manufactured PVC pet beds in Preston have been designed for the comfort of many types of animals.  All pets prefer to sleep on a soft surface and off the hard floor. Our PVC pet beds allow them to sleep on a soft surface which is durable and strong while being easy to keep clean. The beds come in different sizes and can be individually manufactured for an exceptionally large or small pet. Pet owners frequently want their pets to sleep in the same room as them but not on their beds.  The pet beds are light and can be placed wherever the owner requires the pet to lie. The animal’s usual bedding can be placed on top of the pet bed to encourage them to sleep on it.

Animals like to have a designated place to sleep. In Preston, PVC pet beds are manufactured out of heavy duty PVC which makes the bed waterproof and extremely strong and durable. Both cats and dogs will love having their own beds to sleep on and will often share one another’s beds. If the animals do not share their beds then a bed each will solve the problem. Mothers and puppies can be accommodated in a larger than normal bed which provides space for all as they grow. Breeders will find our pet beds very useful in their breeding pens as they are easy to clean.

We supply high quality, reasonably priced PVC pet beds in Preston for pet owners who care about the comfort of their animals. Contact C & L Covers today and tell us what you need. All our products are manufactured in the UK and we are always looking to expand our range of products. If you have an item that needs to be covered for storage purposes or just for transport convenience we can design a cover to suit. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 which ensures our customers are getting a well-made item that is up to the expected quality specifications. We also manufacture salt-water protection covers where equipment may be exposed to sea water blown by the wind. This can be particularly corrosive to most metal items and a PVC cover can extend the life of the equipment.