PVC Pet Beds in StokePVC pet beds in Stoke is what your pets want for their birthday. The dog wants the long lounger and the cats want a triple bunk. Pink for the cats with their names on them in script and bacon camo for the dog. If you haven’t seen them then you need to check with us at C & L Covers. We make them and we customise them for our more discriminating customers. They are very strong and comfortable as they’re made from our durable quality PVC materials. Mom and Dad, you are going to love them. They clean easily with just a wipe down. The material is stretched over a chew proof and weatherproof frame. The frame is raised so your pets can rest off the floor a few inches; whatever height you choose.

We design and manufacture strong covers for outdoor machinery and indoor roller cage covers along with many others like generators, trailers and more. In Stoke, PVC pet beds have been gaining in popularity and it’s just the kind of item we want to add to our product line. Animals like these beds and their owners are grateful they do because unlike the fuzzy fabric beds, these beds won’t trap odours. They are ideal for older dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. The bed and the dog are off the floor and away from cold drafts. Add their favourite machine-washable blanket or toy and watch your pet take ownership of their new bed.

PVC pet beds in Stoke are part of our extensive bespoke manufacturing of covers to specification. They’re made to order and if we don’t already make a cover to fit whatever you need we will design one. Any cover in our standard product line can be customised with colour, logos and personalised script including our PVC pet beds. These beds can go outside with the rest of the family or camping and your dog will have a clean dry place to chill instead of laying in the dirt. Contact C&L Covers and order your PVC pet beds to suit. Your animals rule your home so you may as well give them their own custom throne from which to rule their inside and outside world