PVC Pet Beds in WallaseyPVC pet beds in Wallasey are the solution for an easily cleaned pet bed. We can design a custom bed for your dog or cat. Choose your colour and add your favourite team logo, pet name or almost anything else. The fabric is soft and pliable, conforming to support your pet comfortably. It’s also waterproof, so wiping it down with a damp cloth is easy maintenance. Since it is waterproof, put a pet bed on your patio alongside your lounger. If you leave it outside, rain won’t hurt it. Custom design and colour along with custom height, width and length makes the perfect pet bed. We design and manufacture many product covers for use in multiple industries. We’re always adding new products to our line and PVC pet beds is one of our latest.

If your cats like to survey their kingdom from a greater height, we can accommodate them. In Wallasey, PVC pet beds can be manufactured in a stacked stair-step fashion to accommodate several cats. We can make it as high as you want. The best thing about our PVC beds for cats is hair clean-up. Those fuzzy cat trees you see in stores get so grungy over time with matted cat hair and dirt. You can try to vacuum it but the dirt and hair gets embedded in the fluff material; so does the odours. Damp wipe our cat beds and watch hair, dirt and odours completely disappear. There is no accumulation as with fuzzy fabrics. You know, pets don’t really need plush fabrics. We humans are the ones that like plush.

We can design PVC pet beds in Wallasey to fit your Chihuahua or Great Dane. Perhaps if they have their own comfortable sleeping spot they’ll stay off your couch. Dogs leave hair and dirt behind wherever they nap just as cats do. It clings to fabrics and gets embedded in the cushions. Pets have body oils that get left behind and darken fabrics. Give them their own bed that is easily cleaned and deodorised. Contact us and let us show you our PVC pet beds. We can make them to blend with your colour decor so your pets have their own place within the family living space.