pvc pet beds in wirralWhen you need PVC pet bds in Wirral, get in touch with us. At C&L Covers, we have the best PVC products for all your needs. We design and transform PVC for many needs including covering of boxes, cages, pallets and machinery. We specialize in covers for roll cages, forklift trucks and generators. We also produce pump truck and waste bags. In the area of health and leisure, the use of PVC is diverse. Our laundry covers are extensively used in the hospitality industry, proving suitable for both hospitality and hospital services use. The advantage of these covers/bags is that they can be used to transport material easily from one location to another also they can be easily wiped down or washed and reused. PVC IS lightweight and durable.

For pet owners in Wirral, PVC pet beds are an innovative product from C&L Covers. They’re long-lasting, easy to clean, tough and chew-resistant. They may be used indoors or outdoors and are available in a range of colours. A PVC pipe of suitable gauge not too thick or thin is used, making it easier to handle if  the bed needs to be moved in and out. Our PVC pet beds are soft, have a good clearance and are very comfortable for your pet to relax on. They can withstand every day wear and tear and are designed to be chew-proof too. A tough, co-extruded PVC frame makes them hardy.

PVC pet beds in Wirral supplied by C&L Covers are one of the best investments you can make for your pet. They last for as long as seven years depending on usage. Their big advantage is that  they are effortlessly cleaned by hosing or power-washing and can be wiped down for immediate use. These beds are easily replaced. They are good for your pet as they are comfortable and prevent calluses and relieve stress on joints. We have discounts and offers on products from time to time. For more information about our PVC pet beds, contact us today. Our bespoke PVC pet beds are much sought-after by pet-owners and professionals in the field, including boarding kennels and shelters, trainers and breeders.