pvc pet beds in wirralEverybody needs a place to chill and our PVC pet beds in Wirral is just the thing for your pets’ relaxation indoors and out. Using the colour and pattern of your choice and PVC cut to the desired height, we create custom pet beds that are a perfect size and height for your dogs and cats. The cat beds can be smaller and we can do a bunk bed design for them. The pet beds are raised off the floor to whatever heights you need for your Yorkie or your Great Dane. Pets love them for sunning in the garden anytime the sun is shining. Older and larger dogs often suffer from achy joints and lying on a draughty floor can be painful. Our PVC pet beds are away from cold floors with a bed of soft vinyl so your pup stays comfortable.

Pets like to be comfortable just we humans do which is why they choose our comfy chairs, couches and beds for napping. If you don’t like sharing your furniture with animals in Wirral, PVC pet beds are the answer. Your pet will have his own furniture and he will find it just as inviting. You can add a favourite blanket to the pet bed but it’s not necessary. The vinyl is comfortable and supportive for pets. A big plus is the ease of cleaning our PVC pet beds. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth. It’s that easy to keep the pet beds looking and smelling fresh and clean. Just make your pet understand that your couch and bed are not his but this lovely PVC pet bed is available for him all day and night.

We make custom PVC pet beds in Wirral that are as distinctive as your pet. Would you like your pet’s name on the bed? We can do that. We manufacture covers for everything you use and want to protect including forklifts, food carts, and roll carts to name just a few. We have standard sizes in stock but we can design and manufacture any of our covers to suit. We deviate a bit with protecting your furnishings. Instead of making covers for your couch, we make a couch for the pet. Contact us and let’s come up with a design for your PVC pet beds. They are completely waterproof and hypoallergenic. Your pets will love their new beds.