PVC Waste Bags/End of Aisle Bags in Wallasey

“Keep Your Workplace Tidy” waste bags are made of heavy-duty PVC for strength and durability, they are reusable, waterproof, wipe clean and a cost-effective solution to controlling waste in the workplace, that will last longer than traditional products and are an inexpensive way of keeping your workplace tidy.

The standard bag is W800mm x H1100 with a 450mm opening and includes three conveniently positioned handles (one either side and one at the base) to help aid movement when positioning or emptying the bag.  Across the top of the bag at the back we use a stiffening bar, to make sure the bag stays flat against the racking and an awning strip across the front which helps keep the bag in an open position.

To help attach the bag to your racking or bar, there are four equally spaced eyelets which allow the bag to be hung from different sized racking with the 2 hooks provided or alternatively with cable ties.  Available in a variety of colours which is ideal if you have to discard of recyclable and non-recyclable materials and the bags can be custom made to any size, with print if required, all made here right here in Wallasey.

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