Roll Cage Trolley Covers in BirminghamIf you have recently invested in new roll cage trolleys, you will be pleased to know that we design and manufacture top-quality roll cage trolley covers in Birmingham. A roll cage trolley is an ideal piece of equipment in many businesses, including food distribution, schools, and hospitals. It is a wise idea to protect your investment and add well-made trolley covers to your stock. The aim of a trolley cover is to keep the goods inside clean and protected. This is particularly important if you are in the food distribution industry and need to transport food from one area of your business to another.

We offer the design and manufacture of, in Birmingham, roll cage trolley covers. Speak to us about your requirements, we are happy to provide a trolley cover to your exact specifications. We can also include your business logo and branding if you wish. Your business’ brand colours and in-store promotions can also be included. Available in a large number of different colours, our PVC covers are strong and durable. To add to the convenience of the roll cage trolley cover, we can also design them with additional clear document pocket.  PVC used to make the roll cage trolley covers is a lightweight material, and as such, storing the covers is made easy and convenient. Our covers are available with Velcro fastenings for ease of use and keep them secure.

Roll cage trolley covers in Birmingham, designed and manufactured by our UKAS registered company for ISO 9001:2015 are guaranteed for quality as well as your satisfaction. Contact C & L Forklift Covers for more information about our roll cage trolley covers. We are happy to provide a quote over the phone. Our prices are fair and competitive, and our service and products are of a high quality. We manufacture covers for equipment in all industries, as well as those in construction, warehousing, schools and hospitals. Our products are constructed for strength, durability and ease of use. Choose C & L Covers for top-quality covers, excellent service and competitive prices.