Roll Cage Trolley Covers in BristolIf you’re looking for roll cage trolley covers in Bristol, C & L Covers has a variety in stock that is bound to leave you spoilt for choice. We are able to not only design but also manufacture any bespoke covers that will suit your needs. Our roll cage covers are made of PVC and are designed to protect goods in various sectors. These include hospitals, schools, as well as for food distribution. They are much better to use than shrink-wrap. Unlike the covers, shrink-wrap needs to be disposed of immediately after use since their purpose would have been fulfilled. This results in wastage and spending a substantial amount of money every time the roll is depleted. Shrink-wrap also harms the environment.

Our covers not only help you save you the money you would have otherwise used in buying endless rolls of wrap but they also look good. In Bristol, roll cage trolley covers are reusable and secure. They are versatile in that they can be used across a number of trolleys. Take their bespoke nature a notch higher by having us include your company logo on the cover. We can also customise it by incorporating your company colours instead, or even in-store promotions. Should you wish for a more functional cover, we can design your covers with an additional clear document pocket. You’ll be able to have all your necessities in one place without having to carry an extra bag. This will increase your efficiency in keeping tabs on all the items in the trolley and restock accordingly.

You can choose either lightweight or heavyweight roll cage trolley covers in Bristol. Whatever the choice, you can easily open and close them thanks to the Velcro or zip fastening that is attached to it. Contact C & L Covers for all your roll cage trolley cover needs. If you’re looking for other types of covers, you’ll be happy to know that we have machinery covers, forklift truck covers, trailer covers and even generator covers in stock. We also have weatherproof covers and those perfect for leisure and sport as well.