Roll Cage Trolley Covers in ChesterHigh-quality roll cage trolley covers in Chester help to protect your goods in transit, both in-house and outdoors. At C & L Covers, we have many decades’ experience in design, manufacture, retail and supply of a comprehensive range of bespoke covers. The PVC covers that we manufacture are currently being used in many industries like hospitality, medical, and food distribution in schools. Instead of covering roll cage trolleys with ugly cling-wrap or simply throwing a plastic sheet over them or worse still, leaving the goods exposed, you can use our range of useful, attractive and affordable covers. This is a much more convenient, easy and cost-effective option. We can also add document pockets, clear plastic window, Velcro or zipper fastenings according to your requirements.

For many types of businesses in Chester, roll cage trolley covers are available in different materials. You can choose lightweight or heavy-duty materials, add your company logo or brand promotions and even use these covers as a mobile advertisement for your company or products. We can also manufacture insulated covers that ensure that the products are well protected in transit. Whether you need the roll cage trolley covers for a warehouse, factory, hotel or catering establishment, the main advantage is that they reduce the risk of damage to the merchandise contained inside. A secure cover also ensures that smaller items don’t fall off the trolley. We can also add a base for the cover in case you want more complete coverage. We have a range of standard sizes, but clients are free to custom design their covers to fit specific requirements.

For less expensive roll cage trolley covers in Chester, you can choose the more economical polythene option. These products are strong, water-resistant and they’re great to protect high-value goods from prying eyes in transit. Other options include covers made from Denier material which can be used to protect expensive and fragile equipment. Heavy-duty covers are ideal for protecting items that are stored outdoors for long periods of time. For more information about our roll cage trolley covers, contact C & L Covers. Our team of highly trained, talented and dedicated professionals can design the perfect product to match your needs, preferences and budget.