Roll Cage Trolley Covers in LeedsOur top-quality roll cage trolley covers in Leeds help to protect goods between different distribution and retail outlets, warehouses and factories. With many years of experience in bespoke designs for a variety of applications, C&L Covers offer a range of products to suit your needs, preferences and budget. All our products are 100% manufactured in the UK with strict control on materials and quality. The PVC cover range for roll cage trolleys are designed to be used in food distribution, healthcare and in schools. If you require a clear document pocket in the covers, just let us know and we can add that to the design.

For many businesses in Leeds, roll cage trolley covers can protect your merchandise and trolley contents from damage. Roll cage trolleys have been designed to replace pallets and the logistical problems associated with them. They are an essential part of the supermarket and retail industries. The load capacity can go up to 500 kgs, with double, hinged or split doors, folding middle/bottom shelves, and Z-nesting frames. They’re ideal for stock management, transportation of cleaning equipment, laundry, food and beverages in large hotels and resorts Many small businesses assume that they’re saving costs by using shrink wrap. This is not only unsightly, it’s also wasteful and inconvenient. In Leeds, roll cage trolley covers that we manufacture are reusable, washable and long-lasting. If you are using them across various locations or for in-store promos, we can have your logo, company name or brand colours printed on them. Heavy-duty covers are available with Velcro or zip fastening for a slightly higher price.

Roll cage trolley covers in Leeds offer huge savings to many industries. They can be fitted with hanging handles, identification pouches and/or thermometer pouches for better functionality. Apart from roll cage trolley covers, we provide bespoke covers for a comprehensive variety of applications including covers for trailers, fork-lifts, generators, salt water protection, bottle-coolers. For more information about our roll cage trolley covers, contact C&L Covers today. An innovative product is the thermal trolley cover. These help to maintain the temperature while transporting chilled, frozen or hot products. Mixed temperature loads can be carried, and the covers can be easily repaired and recycled.