Roll Cage Trolley Covers in LiverpoolLook to C & L Covers for your roll cage trolley covers in Liverpool. We design and manufacture covers for forklifts, machinery, generators, trailers and more. If you need a cover for something we haven’t thought of yet, let us know and we’ll design a bespoke cover for your purpose. Roll cage trolley covers are, not surprisingly, one of our most requested products. So many industries use roll cage trolleys on site including warehouses, the food industry, hospitals and more. Others use them for the safe transportation of products from site to site, often using roll after roll of shrink wrap to secure the product for transportation. Millions of roll cage trolleys are in use throughout the UK. Our reusable covers would be cost effective and more convenient

C & L Covers manufacture PVC roll cage covers in bespoke designs for use in any environment. For use on site for restaurants, schools, hospitals and more in Liverpool, cage trolley covers protect the products from contamination, pilfering and damage. The convenience of roll cage trolleys is undisputed. However, when clean dishes, linens, meal trays and more are stored on these trolleys and covered with our heavy duty PVC zip or velcro covers, the products are safe until you’re ready for them. Keep them lined up and ready to keep service moving. Whether you use them throughout the day to distribute necessities or store for later use, your supplies are protected.

Roll Cage Trolley Covers in Liverpool in bespoke designs, sizes, weights and colours from C.L. Covers will help maintain the continuity of your brand. We can design them in your company colours and with your logo or anything else you want on them. No worries if customers glimpse a few rows of roll cage trolleys stored at the ready and covered with duplicate covers that match the general decor. The area will present as tidy and attractive if they notice at all. Contact C.L. Covers for your roll cage trolley covers so durable they can be used repeatedly with a quick off and on. We make them to fit all sizes of roll cages and we can add document pockets if you wish.