Roll Cage Trolley Covers in NewcastleRoll cage trolley covers in Newcastle make sense when you consider the many industries for which these trolleys are indispensable. In the food industry, you will find them stacked with fresh baked goods ready to be moved from ovens for cooling then to display cases. Banquet catering services use them to quickly serve large tables of diners. Hospitals use roll cage trolleys to deliver meals to patients, stack and store fresh linens. Schools use them as mobile libraries and warehouses use them to store materials for use on site or for distribution. The uses for these handy helpers are many and they can be configured to suit the job. Most are sturdy stainless steel that can bear hundreds of pounds of weight yet transport goods with little effort from the worker.

Most industries want to keep their products and materials safe from contamination and pilfering or transport unsightly supplies under cover. For those industries in Newcastle, roll cage trolley covers are the answer. You want to get value for your money when purchasing covers for roll cage trolleys. That means manufacturing covers that fit your cage perfectly but are easy to use.  High-quality materials that withstand years of repeated use are the best value. Roll cage trolleys are used around customers, patients and the general public so you naturally want them to be as attractive as they are durable.

We manufacture quality roll cage trolley covers in Newcastle for all industries. Our durable PVC products are designed to protect supplies in all environments. You may choose zipper or Velcro closure, both of which offer ease of use. Our team can design bespoke covers to your specifications. Your company name, logo, promotions and colours on your roll cage covers serves the dual purpose of enhancing your name recognition. Contact C and L Covers when you are ready to switch to durable, reusable, bespoke covers. We want to show you how our products offer real protection and serve as a valuable advertising tool. Yet because they are reusable, they save you money instead of wasting it on disposable solutions.