Roll Cage Trolley Covers in SheffieldFor roll cage trolley covers on Sheffield, speak to C & L Covers. We are a UK company that provides bespoke cover designs that help your business stand out and easily be identified. Having a custom-made cover saves you time and enables you to get to your tasks as quickly as possible. Our covers are perfect for use in any industry, including the industrial sector. Whether you work in a hospital or warehouse facility, our covers are bound to add an extra touch of individuality to the business, promoting efficiency and essentially good business returns.

Our covers are purposely designed, using the materials that we use deliberately. In Sheffield, roll cage trolley covers are made of PVC. The material itself comes with a wealth of benefits over other materials: it is no wonder it continues to be a popular option to use. Its strong lightweight property makes it such that it does not inconvenience the user with unnecessary weight. Its mechanical strength and toughness enables it to withstand external damage promoting longer life. PVC is also durable, being able to withstand a variety of factors such as corrosion, chemical rotting, shock and abrasion. This makes it perfect for use in the industrial sector. It is a safe, cost-effective material that also happens to be fire-resistant and versatile. When you cover your trolleys with our PVC covers, you’re assured of the safety of the goods, no matter where they are transported.

The roll cage trolley covers in Sheffield are designed to protect goods in many environments, including schools and hospitals. No need to overspend on the messy shrink-wrap for each packaging job. Our covers are reusable and secure, being versatile enough to use on a number of trolleys. Contact C & L Covers for your custom-made trolley covers. We can add your logos, brand colours and in-store promotions for a truly unique look. Whether you’re looking for lightweight or heavyweight covers, we have you sorted. You can even opt for Velcro or zip fastening covers.