Roll Cage Trolley Covers in StokeC & L Covers design and manufactures roll cage trolley covers in Stoke from PVC using either zipper or Velcro for closing. You can choose lightweight or heavy-duty depending on what goods you are protecting and how frequently the cover will be removed and reused. For instance, in a hospital kitchen, individual meals are plated, placed on a tray then on the roll cage trolley. The meals are going to multiple locations within the hospital building. There are many floors, wings, separate wards on the same floors. The larger the hospital the more complex their meal delivery system. For this purpose, you want heavy duty because of the frequent use. But even small hospitals would benefit from bespoke covers to protect the food while en-route and confirm the specific destination.

To help simplify the system, the roll cage trolleys for each floor, section, wing and ward could have a heavy duty cover clearly marked with the specific destination. In Stoke, roll cage trolley covers help protect against environmental contaminants and even accidental spills.  Fourth Floor Section A might be Blue and marked 4-A. The meals are loaded on the trolley, the 4-A cover is placed over the food for protection and the destination for this trolley is unmistakable. Food products used in meal preparation for hospitals, schools and more may be stored on roll cage trolleys for convenience in meal preparation. They need to be covered when stored and not in use and our bespoke covers will maintain product organisation.

At your request, roll cage trolley covers in Stoke can have an added clear document pocket to identify content. This feature is helpful in all organisations where roll cage trolleys are used. Supply materials are safely protected with our heavy-duty PVC covers which can be used over and over. Yet the contents are easily discerned through the clear document panel. Contact C & L Covers for bespoke roll cage trolley covers. Accessing the roll cage trolley contents is so much simpler with one of our covers than a shrink-wrap protector. Logos and lettering can be added for any purpose that helps keep you organised, allows promotional advertising or just for consistency in an orderly storage area.