Bespoke design and manufacture of roll cage covers

C&L Covers have a more environmental friendly alternative to the distribution of goods.

Our PVC roll cage covers are designed to protect goods in all types of environments such as warehouses, food distribution, hospitals and schools.

Replace the expense, wasted time and cost of disposing unsightly shrink wrap with our reusable and secure wipe clean PVC cover.

Prevent Theft in Transit

A growing problem for companies around the world, valuable stock continues to go missing whilst in transit costing companies millions every year.

At C&L Covers, we have developed a solution that provides a major deterrent for potential thieves on the hunt for high value goods as well as protecting stock from various weather conditions.

Our heavy duty 610grm reusable PVC cover provides the ultimate protection for your company’s stock and provides enormous long-term value to any business looking to bring a halt to theft. In order to combat theft, the covers have been designed and developed to withstand any sort of breach. Eyelets at the bottom corners of the cover, as seen below, completely secure the goods using security seals which makes it impossible to unzip the cover. The PVC cover, which comes in two options (lightweight, heavyweight), makes it near impossible for thieves to steal from out of the roll cages by completely covering the products, keeping them safe and ultimately halting theft and saving your business vast sums of money using our affordable and reusable PVC roll cage cover.

Roll cage thermal covers

An environmentally friendly, money saving material. Used to transport and store chilled products without the need for electricity.


  • Outer cover prevents heat from sunlight effecting the temperature inside the cover
  • No change in temperature inside the cover due to an inside cover
  • Rip tear material preventing any damage
  • Water resistant
  • Can be tailored to customers requirements
  • Light weight so it is easy and quick application
  • A supplement strap for protection to any potential damage

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