Taxi Visors in PrestonTaxi visors in Preston are a great asset to both driver and passenger. If you don’t know what a taxi visor is, we would explain it as a germ shield for your taxi. We mount the visor using existing anchors on each side of your car near the doors. It’s secured in place and from it drapes a clear curtain of PVC material. The visor separates the front driver and passenger space from the back seats. To make it more convenient, we’ve left a space in the curtain so money can be transferred between driver and passenger. This marvellous new product to our line-up is truly an asset to taxi drivers everywhere.

You don’t need a limousine with a glass window to separate the driver and passenger. In fact, in Preston, taxi visors serve more purposes than the glass window. For one thing, the taxi visor goes from ceiling to floor, so the back of the front seats are protected from the scuffs and street dirt. Your car interior will stay clean and in good repair much longer. The taxi visor creates a barrier but neither driver nor passenger is isolated unless they want to be. Certainly each can be seen heard through the vinyl. But it’s enough of a barrier to give the sense of privacy when that is what is wanted. Taxi drivers will have additional protection against the many germs floating around from the people they come in contact with each day.

Taxi visors in Preston protect you against the germs of others but it also protects them. Your passengers will appreciate your thoughtfulness and prefer your cab to others. If you have the impression that taxi visors are ill fitting and bulky looking, you are wrong. We design them to fit any car and we come to you to install them. It’s a perfect tailored fit leaving clean lines. The bottom of the clear curtain is firmly but discreetly attached to the base of the front seats. It does not present a safety risk in any way or interfere with entering or exiting the vehicle. Contact C&L Covers and we can give you a quote for a taxi visor to fit your vehicle. The visors are easily cleaned and sanitised with just a wipe down and the material is durable. They will protect you for a long time and retain their fit and attractive appearance.