Security Covers for Roll Cages in GlasgowSecurity covers for roll cages in Glasgow are custom made by C & L covers for every conceivable need. Whatever your need for roll cages, the need to protect the goods you transport on them remains a priority. Now a lot of companies use plastic wrap for transport and that is such a mess to work with. Not only that but fingers can work their way between the layers of wrap and pinch an item from the cage when there is nobody to see. You know, there is a plastic island in the Pacific Ocean three times the size of France. That should be reason enough to eliminate the use of plastic wrapping for roll cages and everything else. Our PVC covers can be used repeatedly for years and when the end comes, they are recyclable.

PVC custom roll cage covers are manufactured in a variety of weights and thickness. For companies in Glasgow, security covers for roll cages are heavy-duty quality. They can last for years and look good doing it. Your products are safely covered and secure because not only are the covers perfectly fitted and durable, they also have locks. If anyone wants to know what’s being transported, stored or on standby, there is a clear waterproof pocket for the paperwork. Your company can get a bump up in the aesthetics and name recognition too. There is no question our custom covers look better on your roll cages than plastic mummification. The covers can be in your company colours with your name and logo imprinted on them.

PVC custom security covers for roll cages in Glasgow are cost effective, attractive and secure. They will help protect your products from theft, dust, moisture and transport damage. Contact C & L Covers or stop by so you can see for yourself the quality of our products. We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide a price quote for you. Visualise your roll cages lined up and secured with our PVC vinyl covers in your favourite colour and emblazoned with your name and company logo. Isn’t that a lot easier to look at and organise than your own disorganised island of plastic? Think how much good you’ll be doing for yourself and our environment.