Try using catering trolley shrouds to improve the safety and quality of the food you serve. The common practice when protecting food from contamination has been to use shrink-wrap around your trolley. While these keep your food clean and prevent pests from getting to it, they also look rather untidy. Shrink-wrap is also cumbersome to apply and takes time to unwrap when serving your meals. In the food industry, it is very important how you present yourself. How you handle and present your meals gives your clients an idea of the quality of your meals even before the first taste. If your initial presentation doesn’t impress your clients, they may not hire you again. Every catering business must have a way to transport their food during an event. Using PVC catering trolley shrouds allows you to move your equipment around the event without attracting attention. This applies whether you are moving fresh supplies from the kitchen to the serving station or dirty dishes for washing. The PVC covers protect and preserve the quality of your food simultaneously. They are designed to cover your entire trolley but are equipped with Velcro seals or zips for easy access. These shrouds are effective at keeping all the dust, insects and other particles away from your meals and utensils. Our catering trolley shrouds are robust and versatile enough to be used in any environment including hospitals, schools and public events. All our PVC covers are manufactured locally in the UK. This allows us to offer a quick turn over on any design you desire. We understand that every client has unique preferences and requirements. Our offer involves developing bespoke designs for each client. This involves printing your logo or company name directly on the PVC cover. Contact C&L Covers today to discuss the type of solution you are interested in. We also produce a wide range of bespoke PVC covers for various other applications. These include roll cage covers, forklift truck covers, trailer covers, bottle covers and many more. We even have a unique weatherproof cover that has saltwater protection for applications in coastal towns.