PVC Hospital Cage Covers in London For bespoke hospital cage covers in London try C & L Covers. As we proudly proclaim, we have you covered for just about everything! Be it for stored, in-house or in transit goods, keeping material dry , or providing a cheaper,  more ecologically friendly alternative to shrink wrap which  often proves difficult to handle, we provide just the right solution to your needs, preferences and budget.

For our clients in London, hospital cage covers are made of PVC. They may be light or heavy depending on the purpose, namely, the kind of protection and frequency with which these covers need to be removed. For use in hospital kitchens, roll cage trolleys are used to transport plated meals to individual floors and rooms, to different wings or wards. For such extensive use a heavy-duty cover is recommended. Food needs to be transported hygienically and with minimum chances of contamination en-route. Our cage covers can be customised in colour or specific markings for indicating end destinations. For instance by marking them with ward or room numbers, clients can make transportation more efficient with fewer chances of errors or unnecessary confusion, not to mention valuable time lost in the process. In addition to serving as identifiers for specific destinations or purposes, our covers find great use as they are protective, preventing accidents and messy spills.

Specialised hospital cage covers in London supplied by us come with transparent document pockets. This has proven to be a very useful feature, especially when clients need categorisation of roll cage trolleys, regarding what or where the goods being transported are to be delivered, whether these need to be organised or stored. These document pouches on the sides of covers allow for just that- they can be named, checked, numbered or colour marked to indicate their category and wheeled off to their respective destinations. Covers with see-through pouches are sometimes used to supply material too. Gaining access to covered trolley contents is restricted as they can be also secured for storage. For more details about our hospital cage covers, contact C & L Covers. Our covers serve as unique promo banners, carrying advertising content during marketing events.