Taxi Visors in BristolTaxi visors in Bristol are an excellent way of keeping both the driver and the passengers free from harm. As the coronavirus has dictated the way in which we interact with other people, a safe and reliable method has become more necessary. You’ll be pleased to find that our taxi visors can assist in this regard. Our expert team design and manufacture top quality PVC products to meet the needs of our clients. This includes our highly regarded taxi visors. Manufactured from top quality and durable PVC, our taxi visors are an effective way to maintain the required degrees of separation for safety.

For any sized vehicle in Bristol, taxi visors made by our expert team are worth considering. They are suitable for any make or model of taxi, ensuring that taxi drivers and their passengers are protected. What the taxi visor does is provide an extra layer between passengers and driver. Also known as a vehicle interior dividing screen, it does just that. As it is a clear PVC panel, there is complete visibility between the passengers and the driver. For ease of payment, passengers can pass their money or card payment through a hatch at the bottom. The taxi visor is efficiently attached to the head rests of the vehicle, providing a safe and secure sealed off area.  Speak to us about a quote – you’ll be happy to find that our taxi visors are most affordable. We are also happy to deliver them to you, o alternately, you are welcome to pay us a visit and we will fit your taxi visor to your vehicle.

Taxi visors in Bristol are professionally designed, manufactured and fitted by our team. For more details about our PVC taxi visors, contact C & L Covers. Known for our state of the art designs for PVC covers for any application, we are the company to speak for affordability and durability. Using our taxi visors ensures that both the taxi driver and the passengers of the vehicle remain safe from illness. We would be pleased to assist you with your vehicle. You are also welcome to place on online order for your taxi visor.