Taxi Visors in ManchesterTaxi visors in Manchester play a huge role in keeping the occupants of the taxi safe from infectious illnesses. The PVC visors that we manufacture are ideally suited for taxi drivers. A protection screen, they are made to fit any make or model of vehicle. Not only do they play a role in safety, but they are also an attractive addition to any vehicle. Made from durable PVC, they can be easily removed when not needed. They are long lasting and easy to clean. PVC is easy to clean and keep in spotless condition, needing only a wipe down with a suitable detergent with anti-bacterial properties.

We are pleased to offer custom-made products to all our clients. In Manchester, taxi visors made by our team are manufactured from clear PVC. This panel adds an extra layer between the passengers and the driver of the vehicle. It has a black PVC panel at the bottom which has a convenient hatch for passing money through or a card payment. Convenient and easy to use, it attaches easily and securely to the headrests of the vehicle. If you are interested in purchasing a taxi visor for your vehicle, you are welcome to give us a ring. We take great pride in the excellent quality of our workmanship, attention to detail and our great prices. Speak to us about your requirements and we will gladly assist you.

Taxi visors in Manchester play an important role in keeping passengers and the driver of the vehicle safe while observing necessary distancing during this time. If you would like more information about our custom-made taxi visors, contact C & L Covers today. Not only do we manufacture taxi visors, but we also design and manufacture PVC covers for roll cages, forklifts, catering trolleys, laundry trolleys, as well as PVC pet beds. All our products can be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. We also offer branding so if you would like the name of your business on any of the products we manufacture for you, let us know. We can also quote for additional modifications to suit your needs.