York Roll Cage Trolleys in LiverpoolFor a perfect means of transporting mail and parcels within your office building, York roll cage trolleys in Liverpool are an ideal choice. Robust and sturdily made, you can rely on them to provide years of service. They have been developed primarily for the movement for parcels, bags and postage items. Created in conjunction with Royal Mail, it is a top quality trolley purpose designed to transport no fewer than 28 Royal Mail letter trays stacked neatly inside its U-frame. It is a 3 sided roll cage trolley, designed primarily for the movement of both bags and trays of letter mail. This roll cage trolley is ergonomically designed, operationally friendly and has a robust construction, ensuring that it is built to last.

Make your office more efficient in Liverpool with York roll cage trolleys. If offers a number of features such as a hand operated dynamic brake and strong polymer base. It also has a reliable braking system which requires very little routine maintenance to keep it in good working order. It operates quietly, yet effectively. It is ideal for environments such as office where sorting both parcels and large letters to different areas and then to their final destination. It is lightweight and durable, making it easy to use, and it also complies to ISO standards. When the York roll cage trolley is not in use, it can be nested or stacked together. This requires little storage space.

York roll cage trolleys in Liverpool are a must have in any business needing a means to deliver mail and parcels. At C & L Covers, we are experts at creating PVC roll cage trolley covers for any application. If you are interested and would like more information, contact us today. We offer a range of durable, low maintenance and affordable PVC products to keep your stock safe, clean and dry. This also includes specially designed and manufactured covers for the York roll cage trolley. Our covers are designed to protect your goods from weather, theft, and offer a cheaper and more eco friendly alternative to other traditionally used covers such as shrink wrap.