PVC Pet Beds in ManchesterPVC pet beds in Manchester are one of the large variety of products that we manufacture. These PVC pet beds come in many sizes and are suitable for dogs or cats or even larger animals should you have need of a soft and easily cleaned bed. They can be made even more comfortable by putting your pet’s usual bedding on top of the PVC pet bed. It is a good idea to start using a PVC bed from the time you get your pet as it teaches them where they are expected to sleep and stops you having to share your bed with a very large dog. We use heavy-duty PVC to make the beds to ensure they are weatherproof and durable.

All animals like to have their own bed as it gives them a place of their own where they can feel secure. In Manchester, PVC pet beds will keep the pet off cold floors and provide a warm and comfortable place for them to sleep. If your dogs spend time outdoors they will bring back dirt in their fur which may stain a normal bed. Our PVC beds are made to be wiped down to remove any dirt and clean blankets can then be placed on top of them leaving your pet with a hygienic bed to sleep on. Cats as well as dogs like a comfy place to lie and groom themselves. Our beds for cats can be placed in the sun as they are light and easy to move. Older animals who have pain in the joints will be very grateful for a softer place to sleep.

We supply high quality, reasonably priced PVC pet beds in Manchester. Contact C & L Covers today and tell us what you need. All our products are manufactured in the UK and we are always looking to expand our range of products. If you have an item that needs to be covered for storage purposes or just for transport convenience we can design a cover to suit. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 which ensures our customers are getting a well-made item that is up to the expected quality specifications.